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Planning for success is necessary to reach your goals and keep you accountable.  Feel like you’re behind because you didn’t do this on January 1st or earlier?  No worries – whether you start in January or December, it is all good.  Planning the year helps you be successful and organized in your work at home … Read More about Planning for Success in 2021

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Weiss Jewelry was a costume jewelry company that was known for the dazzling sparkle of the stones that they used in their jewelry designs.  Their pieces are highly sought after today by collectors and by those who appreciate fine costume jewelry.  Due to the short span of this jewelry company (less than 30 years), Weiss … Read More about Weiss Jewelry – A Costume Jewelry Maker that Shines

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Etsy has been asking shop owners for quite some time to offer free shipping on their products to buyers.  Many shop owners complied, but others  resisted the change or took a wait and see attitude.  Now, Etsy is doing more than asking by announcing that Etsy shops offering free shipping will get priority ranking in … Read More about Etsy “Free Shipping” Changes – The Who What When Where Why and How!

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Learning how to bulk edit listings in your Etsy Shop is important as it will save you a great deal of time if you want to increase prices or change shipping profiles.  This is especially important with Etsy’s incentives for shop owners of preferential placement if they offer “free shipping” to buyers.  Bulk Editing is … Read More about How to Bulk Edit your Etsy Shop Listings for Price and Shipping