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I will answer the top 5 questions you probably have if you’re thinking of opening an Etsy vintage shop.  I speak from experience because my husband and I have been sellers on Etsy since 2012.  We started this adventure so we could add some additional income doing what we love – shopping for vintage items … Read More about Top 5 Questions You May Have about Opening an Etsy Vintage Shop

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Planning is one of the keys to having a successful Etsy shop (or any online business) because it requires you to be present in your shop on a regular basis.  I have created a daily to do list that I call my “Etsy Daily Do” list.  These are the top 5 things I do every … Read More about The Etsy Daily Do List – 5 Things You Should Do Every Day for a Successful Etsy Shop

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Are you wondering what types of items to sell on Etsy?  There are four categories of items you can sell on Etsy.  They are handmade items, vintage items (anything over 20 years old), supplies and services (services has some restrictions).  I will go into more detail as to what applies to each category below.   You … Read More about What Can I Sell on Etsy?

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Learning how to bulk edit listings in your Etsy Shop is important as it will save you a great deal of time if you want to increase prices or change shipping profiles.  This is especially important with Etsy’s incentives for shop owners of preferential placement if they offer “free shipping” to buyers.  Bulk Editing is … Read More about How to Bulk Edit your Etsy Shop Listings for Price and Shipping

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Do you want a listing that sells right away?   Use these Top 5 Tips on Writing an Etsy Listing Description that Sells to ensure your listing will be found on Etsy and Google as well as other search engines.  And when you do get found, your description convinces your buyer that your product is exactly … Read More about Top 5 Tips on Writing an Etsy Listing Description that Sells!

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Planning for success is necessary to reach your goals and keep you accountable.  Feel like you’re behind because you didn’t do this on January 1st or earlier?  No worries – whether you start in January or December, it is all good.  Planning the year helps you be successful and organized in your work at home … Read More about Planning for Success in 2021

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Selling silver, silverplate and/or stainless flatware is a great source of income in your Etsy vintage shop.  It can be purchased relatively inexpensively, may need some polishing (silver and silver plate) and can be sold for a good profit.    Silver is the most valuable of the three, followed by silverplate and then stainless flatware. … Read More about Selling Silver, Silverplate and Stainless Flatware on Etsy