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Planning is one of the keys to having a successful Etsy shop (or any online business) because it requires you to be present in your shop on a regular basis.  I have created a daily to do list that I call my “Etsy Daily Do” list.  These are the top 5 things I do every day to make sure my shop stays successful.  I also have a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual to do list which I will show you in the near future. …

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Are you wondering what types of items to sell on Etsy?  There are four categories of items you can sell on Etsy.  They are handmade items, vintage items (anything over 20 years old), supplies and services (services has some restrictions).  I will go into more detail as to what applies to each category below.   You can also sell more than one type of product in your shop.  For example, you can sell 1960s patterns which are vintage and a supply (a craft supply).…

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I will answer the top 5 questions you probably have if you're thinking of opening an Etsy vintage shop.  I speak from experience because my husband and I have been sellers on Etsy since 2012.  We started this adventure so we could add some additional income doing what we love – shopping for vintage items at auctions, estate sales, flea markets, thrift store, garage sales, etc.  It's great taking something you enjoy and make money at the same time. …

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Learning how to bulk edit listings in your Etsy Shop is important as it will save you a great deal of time if you want to increase prices or change shipping profiles.  This is especially important with Etsy's incentives for shop owners of preferential placement if they offer “free shipping” to buyers.  Bulk Editing is important so that you can change the price to absorb the cost of shipping if you are new to free shipping on Etsy.…

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Do you want a listing that sells right away?  

Use these tips as your ultimate guide to writing an Etsy listing description to ensure your listing will be found and sell on Etsy and Google as well as other search engines.  And when you do get found, your description convinces your buyer that your product is exactly what they are looking for.  After all, they are looking for something that fits your description or Etsy wouldn't have sent them your way.

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You've opened your Etsy shop, set up your shop and listed your  products, but you'd like more sales.  We have consistent sales because we use 3 strategies to optimize our listings so that they sell.

“If you open it, they will come” is not a successful strategy on Etsy or any online selling platform.  Nope, it doesn't even work on ebay.  Yes, we sell there too.

What if I told you there are three strategies to ensure your Etsy products sell rather than having them sit on the proverbial shelf?

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Etsy vintage shops sell a large variety of unique items, but I wanted to give you my Top 10 vintage products that actually sell on Etsy.  We have sold all of these items in our shop so we know they sell with a good profit margin.  I've learned from my years of experience selling on Etsy what to buy and what not to buy.  I've made lots of mistakes, and I want to keep you from making them in your Etsy vintage shop.…